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    We mean it literally: you don’t need a barrier to flexibly control vehicles entering and exiting your car park.
    If you prefer, we can abandon barriers altogether, and we even offer alternatives to the classic ticket dispensers. Highly convenient contactless entry variants that operate with registration number recognition, transponders, smartphone or contactless credit cards signalise to your customers at the entrance that the focus is on comfort.
    And we approach the subject of payment with the same flexibility: as an innovative alternative or complement to cash payment machines, you can also select cashless payment methods, for instance via smartphone. And more than this, we also realise highly convenient payment systems for registered customers.

    As you can see, from entering the facility to making payment – it is not our technology that determines things but your wishes.

    entervo.Barcode Paper Ticket solutions (with or without ANPR) are traditionally the most common system type across off-street Pay on Foot Solutions. A ticket is dispensed on arrival and the barrier raises to allow entrance. Prior to leaving the car park the motorist inserts the ticket into a Pay Station and the fee is automatically calculated. Once paid the ticket is returned and then used at exit to leave the car park.

    The credential for season card holders is either RFID transponder cards or ANPR (if deployed) via the whitelist.

    S&B Barcode Paper ticket systems can be found at Airports, Local Authority Car Parks, Hospitals, Shopping Centres and Hotels.

    entervo.Ticketless is our fastest growing solution procured in the UK.
    On arrival the resilient free-flow ANPR camera(s) take a snapshot of the licence plate. Prior to departing, the motorist inserts their license plate details via the Pay Station colour touchscreen. The fee is calculated and once paid the motorist proceeds to exit for an unhindered departure.
    Ticketless solutions can be configured with or without barriers at exit. If barriers are deployed then the operator can benefit from cashless payment at exit whereas barrier-less solutions will have integration with enforcement software. 

    To maximise read-rates we can mount cameras to read front and rear plates to merge images. The credential for season card holders is ANPR via the whitelist.

    S&B Ticketless systems can be found at Airports, Local Authority Car Parks, Hospitals, Shopping Centres and Country Parks.

    entervo.hybrid technology provides the best of ‘both worlds’… Ticketless technology with a fall back to tickets to maximise revenue all in one system! 

    Some consider that a 99% recognition rate is ambitious but often achievable. However, even at 99%, that leaves 1% of motorists reliant on human intervention and/or potential loss of revenue to the car park owner/operator. 
    Our Hybrid solution negates this problem:

    • If the Licence Plate is read 100% then the entry barrier raises and the motorist pays via a pay station by inputting his/her number-plate on the large touch screen.
    • If the Licence Plate isn’t read 100% then the entry barrier remains down, the green button flashes and the motorist will take a ticket. The ticket is inserted in to the same Pay Station for payment

    In the example used above; 99% enter via number-plate, 1% via ticket = 100% revenue collection 
    S&B hybrid systems can be found at Airports, Local Authority Car Parks, Hospitals, Shopping Centres and Universities.

    entervo.Chipcoin technology boasts many advantages over comparable technology.
    Similarly to other technologies, a chipcoin (rather than a ticket) is issued at entry. The chipcoin is encoded with the time and date so when inserted in to a Pay station the fee is displayed. Once paid, similar to other technology, the motorist proceeds to exit, inserts the chipcoin at the exit station and leaves.

    Distinct advantages of the chipcoin solution include:

    • Less dependency on data networks because the data is held on the chipcoin (connection to head-end not vital)
    • The chipcoin can be recycled indefinitely (eradicates the need to buy annual paper ticket stocks)
    • The chipcoin isn’t susceptible to inclement weather unlike paper tickets or ANPR technology making it perfect for surface car parks 

    S&B chipcoin systems can be found at Airports, Local Authority Car Parks, Hospitals, Shopping Centres and Train.

    Registered short-term parking via evopark GO

    evopark has developed a new Software as a Service solution for car park operators that allows short-term customers to register for additional ticketless parking services. Immediately after registering for evopark GO, users can access all connected car parks seamlessly. Operators gain new data-based knowledge about their customers, which they can use for customized offers. With evopark GO car park operators create their own customer base and exploit new sales potential. evopark is thus offering them a further effective module for their digitization strategy. 

    evopark GO can easily be embedded into the operator's website and supports access via license plate recognition or RFID. Depending on the selected authorization method, HD cameras or RFID antennas detect the entry and exit times of registered customers. Paper tickets and paying at the automatic pay station are no longer necessary. Car park operators benefit from reduced operational efforts. The parking management system calculates the parking fee and transmits the information to an established, external payment service provider. As soon as the registered car leaves the facility, the customer's payment method is debited - according to the pay-as-you-go principle. 

    To learn more and request a demo of evopark GO via www.evopark.com/en/evoparkgo   

    • Allows your customers to pay for their parking ticket using credit card or PayPal.
    • Reduces the need for card payment equipment in the car park such as terminals and card readers.
    • No more servicing, software updating, maintenance and cleaning of terminals is no longer necessary.
    • Saves the customer the trip to the pay station.
    • Car park information such as address, opening times, prices and current occupancy can be displayed attractively.
    • Mapping function off ers your customers comfortable navigation to your facility.
    • Smart integration into your existing entervo system.
    • Enables customised Operator design.
    • Facilitates cross-regional advertising for the car park operator and higher customer loyalty.
    • Easy download via Play Store and App Store.