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    Nene Park in Peterborough

    Nene Park is an independent Charitable Trust who receive no funding from the taxpayer and are totally reliant on the income they generate themselves. Income from parking helps them to provide great facilities and landscape for their visitors to enjoy. Because of this Nene Park needed a robust, efficient and weatherproof parking equipment solution that meets the needs of the Trust aswell as the expectations of the park visitors. Across Nene Parks four main car parks parking charges apply to all vehicles, all day every day. Due to this Scheidt & Bachmann recommended and introduced  Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) along with entry and exit barrier systems. All system software is linked and provided to SABA UK who manage the car parks on behalf of Nene Park.

    How does it work?

    ANPR Cameras record your vehicle registration number when you enter the Park. No tickets are issued and the visitor doe not need to do anything until they are ready to leave.

    When they are ready to leave, they go to one of the Scheidt & Bachmann payment machines installed in the main car parks where they simply enter their full registration number into the payment machine.

    The Pay Station linked to the ANPR camera then calculates the correct amount the visitor has to pay based on the time their vehicle entered the car park in question. The visitor then pays the amount shown on the screen. Two variations of payment machines were installed, one accepting cards, notes and coins (with change given) along the the facility for contactless payment; the other being card only.

    Once the visitors payment is complete they have an additional 30 minutes to return to their vehicle and exit the Park. When they approach the exit barrier, the ANPR cameras recognise their registration number, know that they have paid and the exit barrier rises automatically.