• Intelligent service station management

Sell - Successful selling

SELL offers solutions for indoor and outdoor sales at manned and unmanned sites. The intuitive control panel of our POS systems enables payment solutions that are diverse, efficient and quick.

With our versatile promotion and loyalty solutions, you address your customers exactly where it is most effective: directly at the POS.

The Scheidt & Bachmann outdoor payment terminal is simply “plug and pay”. It incorporates all components that are necessary to manage a service station: Forecourt controller and UMTS, as well as the management system are already integrated. This is how simple the management of unmanned sites can be. 

POS in a browser – all you need is an internet connection and a browser. Via the allocated IP address, the POS can be seen on the tablet PC, and is fully functional and ready to use. In order to ensure offline functionality, the POS application runs in the background on our SIQMA Cloudlink; so if the internet connection is lost, the SIQMA POS in the browser is still fully functional.

SIQMA Fuel & Go is our cloud-based solution that brings the outdoor payment terminal to the customers’ smartphone. SIQMA Fuel & Go makes outdoor mobile payment possible without any additional hardware investment. Pay it easy – for any service station.

SIQMA Collect is our flexible loyalty solution that can easily be integrated via Plug&Play to existing SIQMA POS structures. With SIQMA Collect your customer data remains with you and you define which loyalty functionalities are realised. Moreover, you retain the flexibility to extent the solution in the future. It is up to you whether you want to realize a digital stamp book, a discounting system or lottery functionality, there are no limits. SIQMA Collect is based on our central loyalty management server and via a standardized interface also offers direct connection to third-party POS systems. Make your customers regular customers, and actively influence their shopping behavior.

SIQMA CRID is the state-of-the-art standalone solution that allows payment at the pump regardless of the type of dispenser. This means that it can also be simply retrofitted with existing pumps.
A CRID side is available for each fuelling point where the customer can conveniently pay with a card. Optionally, the CRID is also available with banknote processing.

SIQMA POS is exclusively tailored to the needs of service station operators. The modern service station POS is particularly easy and intuitive to use and saves time required for your cashiers during the training period. As a touch POS, SIQMA POS is the right solution, especially in confined spaces. The surface of the touch POS can be designed flexibly, for example, for top-selling articles, left-handed and right-handed persons or as a bistro POS.
The market leadership is also reflected in the area of card processing: Modern payment, loyalty and fleet card solutions are already integrated into SIQMA POS. Scheidt & Bachmann offers the possibility to integrate a large number of terminal solutions. There are specific, modern system solutions for practically every country.