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Scheidt & Bachmann presents the latest SIQMA product generation at the Eni partner congress in Sardinia

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From 8 to 11 October 2018, Eni Deutschland GmbH invited its German service station partners to the Partner Congress in Sardinia. The core topic of the event, "Digitisation", gave the more than 600 participants a very good overview of Eni Deutschland's activities in this area. The Eni team presented the concrete projects and showed the partners how they can use the latest trends and technologies for their service stations.

Selected partners were able to demonstrate their products and solutions live at the cooperation partner fair. Besides well-known names such as Lekkerland, Segafredo, Coca-Cola or Christ and Washtec, Scheidt & Bachmann as 'new' and existing system supplier presented the new cloud and browser-based SIQMA POS system. A hosted back office and a mobile POS system are introduced in Germany for the first time. The first pilots are already successful in the network and in the coming months this innovative and groundbreaking technology will be rolled out in the German service station network, which Eni Deutschland operates under the Agip brand. The new Scheidt & Bachmann SIQMA POS system was presented live to the service station partners as part of a major product presentation. On stage, Mr. Jörg M. Heilingbrunner explained the Scheidt & Bachmann mission statement "We improve and innovate the customer journey in fuel retail with cloud solutions" and the advantages of the new solution. In response to questions from Mr. Volker Mehlhorn, Head of Pricing and Automation at Eni Deutschland, Mr. Heilingbrunner presented Scheidt & Bachmann's view of the digitization requirements of the future at service stations. In this context he also explained the special requirements for the Scheidt & Bachmann SIQMA project. 

At the well-attended Scheidt & Bachmann stand, the filling station partners of course wanted to take a first look at the new system and see what it looks like. Everyone was curious about the new functions offered by the SIQMA system. The live demonstration of the first partner with our system, who was able to access the new hosted BOS online using their own laptop, especially caught the attention of visitors.

"Scheidt & Bachmann had the unique opportunity at this partner conference to present and explain the new SIQMA product generation to the entire team of Eni Deutschland and the Eni Partners. The great interest of the partners shows that we have the right solutions with our SIQMA products. Together with Eni Deutschland, we are now looking forward to the comprehensive roll-out and further challenges," says Jörg M. Heilingbrunner.