• FareGo Suite

    Modular ticketing software

FareGO Suite

FareGo Suite is the new cloud-based ticketing software from Scheidt & Bachmann and centrepiece of our intelligent account-based ticketing (ABT) systems.

What is account-based ticketing?

FareGo Suite provides plenty innovative functionalities which by far exceed the scope of conventional back-end systems. Through the modular setup you obtain a custom-tailored solution for realization of your mobility concepts – no matter if you focus on purposeful customer relation management or aim for improving your sales utilizing business intelligence.

The cloud-based approach unites future-proofness with best performance for your daily work:

  • Data processing in real-time allows for instantaneous carrying out of system-wide tasks like tariff changes or distribution of blacklists
  • Data centralization enables the smart. interlinking of data sets serving as a basis for passenger-friendly ticketing features like automated best price calculation.
  • Scalability and dynamic allocation of resources make for an economical system and provide free space for future developments.

We offer FareGo Suite as local installation or as hosted IT service. A FareGo Suite system is composed of various individual product modules you have at hand to compose your custom-tailored FareGo Suite system. Additional modules or functionalities can smoothly be integrated into the system at any later point of time in case of changed requirements. FareGo Suite is categorized into the product lines Center, Access and Connect.

FareGo Suite Center products provide core functionalities of account-based ticketing systems.

FareGo Suite Device.Center
Device management: handles configuration, access management and monitoring of device fleet (successor of FareGo Data CS)

FareGo Suite Payment.Center
Infrastructure for cashless payments: scalable from PIN pad support software to authorisation server with P2PE, PA-DSS certification and payment gateway services

FareGo Suite Report.Center
Business intelligence and data-warehouse systems for creation of detailed evaluation as well as comprehensive reports and statistics

FareGo Suite Account.Center
Account and media management, tap and product history

FareGo Suite CRM.Center
Customer relationship management, loyalty schemes

FareGo Suite Clearing.Center
Clearing house, end-of-day-processing, revenue allocation

FareGo Suite Tariff.Center
Tariff, products, journey construction, tap processing. Central production of barcodes for issued products

FareGo Suite Supply.Center
Media management, supplier and retail channels

FareGo Suite Access products enable the utilization of various ticket media and processing of specific ticketing standards.

FareGo Suite SBCard.Access
Support of Mifare smart cards with Scheidt & Bachmann smart card scheme: production of smart cards including visual layout, design of data and product structures, electronic encoding, validation. Includes layout studio and front-end designer. Also includes media and “classic” smart card management system

FareGo Suite ITSO.Access
ITSO support: includes validation and product encoding on cards, HOPS interfaces, certification against ITSO standards

FareGo Suite KA.Access
KA support: SAM and list management, sales, encoding of products and validation, transactions, front-end designer and layout studio for receipts

FareGo Suite Calypso.Access
Calypso support: production of smart cards including visual layout, design of data and product structures, electronic encoding, validation, layout studio and front-end designer

FareGo Suite Mifare-ABT.Access
ABT product definition and sales for Mifare-based media: transaction processing, list handling, security infrastructure. Includes media

FareGo Suite EMV-ABT.Access
ABT product definition and sales for Mifare-based media: transaction processing, list handling, security infrastructure with enhanced security, payment connector and necessary certifications (EMV, PCI)

FareGo Suite Mobile-ABT.Access
ABT with smart phone: barcode and NFC, mobile gateway, transactions, notifications, list management

FareGo Suite BiBo-ABT.Access
BiBo access media, on-board devices and transaction-preprocessing

FareGo Suite Paper.Access
Paper based tickets: selling on devices, printing, validating. Includes barcode printing and validation, layout studio and front-end designer

FareGo Suite MagStripe.Access
Magnetic stripe tickets: selling on devices, printing, validating on gates. Includes magnetic stripe card processing support, layout studio and front-end designer

FareGo Suite Connect products offer flexible interfaces for integration of external services and linkage to a wide range of systems.

FareGo Suite Account.Connect
Interface for integrating 3rd party account management systems

FareGo Suite BI.Connect
Data exports to 3rd party data warehouses

FareGo Suite CADAVL.Connect
Interface on bus infrastructure to connect to CAD/AVL equipment of 3rd party suppliers

FareGo Suite Web.Connect
Interface to allow connection between customized web pages and the system

FareGo Suite makes efficient use of standards supplemented with individual adaptations. Our system specialists create a system based on your needs from our standard modules which largely cover your requirements. Additional functions are specified in collaboration with you, developed on an agile basis and introduced after joint testing. The individual modules can be supplemented with individual third-party components as required.