• HG BiBo App

Modern Ticketing in your pocket

FareGo BiBo App defines a new standard for mobile ticketing and offers convenience passengers have never experienced before while using public transportation.  With FareGo BiBo App they don’t have to care about the correct connection, the selection of the proper ticket and the purchasing of the ticket anymore.

Unlike normal ticketing apps, ours is not a shopping system for static ticket products. It actually turns any standard smartphone into an account-based identification medium, which allows dynamic journey pricing in real-time.

The passenger does not need to deal with anything and does not even need to take the smartphone out of the pocket. The FareGo BiBo App ensures that all journeys are correctly, securely, reliably and, above all, fully automatically calculated and charged.

Transportation companies obtain entirely new possibilities to design their tariff. For the first time fares can be based on dynamic data and truly location related. As the presence of the passenger in the vehicle is tracked in real-time any parameter (weather, route, time of day) can be used to determine the fare.

The increase use of smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 (or newer) and the simple integration of BiBo modules into vehicles will allow a successful introduction of Be-in/Be-out ticketing with the FareGo BiBo-App. 


  • maximum convenience level in ticketing without customer interaction
  • brand new options, such as real position-based ticket pricing, for the first time
  • enables the implementation of extensive CRM measures
  • compatible with almost any smartphone by using Bluetooth 4.0
  • high customer acceptance due to use of passenger smartphones
  • use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) logging (integrated in Bluetooth 4.0) for high performance with long battery life