Students and graduates

    Experience a "normal workday" through an internship

    Young people should know as early as possible, where their interests lie and should make a job training decision based on that. In order to discover their talents and abilities, they should get to know and even try different aspects of working life. We, as a company, want to provide young people with opportunities to assist in this decision making process and show them career opportunities through making internships available.

    Students who are interested in a career with Scheidt & Bachmann can get to know our expectations and offerings. They will gain insight into the tasks and challenges of a family business. For us it is a chance to advance job offers to interested and qualified students, after experiencing their drive. We can only consider a small number of applications please contact Human Resources department for further information.  

    College and University Placements

    If you are currently studying and looking for a placement to enable you to put theory into practice then there is no better way than gaining valuable experience with Scheidt & Bachmann UK Ltd. We are open to applications from students with relevant course experiences for short term placements.

    Please feel free to send us your CV with a covering letter to and we will look into potential opportunities for you within your preferred area of expertise.