Parking without tickets and barriers – a further free-flow system from Scheidt & Bachmann has gone into live operation

    - Parking-Solutions

    Visitors to EVER.S, a Shopping Centre in Munich, Germany, will be able to park without tickets and barriers. Customers no longer have to draw a ticket there.

    The new system from Scheidt & Bachmann combines state of the art parking technology with maximum customer convenience: The free-flow parking system from Scheidt & Bachmann replaces paper tickets and allows frictionless parking. The barrier in the entry lane closes only if the car park is occupied.

    When entering the car park, the number plate is captured by LPR cameras. Payment can be made via App or at the automatic pay station by entering the number plate and pay as usual - in cash, bank or credit card directly or within 48 hours. A display accompanies the drivers at the entry and exit and a parking guidance system shows them the way to free parking spaces as quickly as possible.

    On top of a satisfying customer experience, the operator faces further benefits such as reduced investment and maintenance costs, due to less hardware. Also the operation can be optimised, as works such as refilling or disposal of tickets will be a thing of the past.

    As in the Königshof-Galerie in Mettmann, the project was realised in cooperation with the operator Parken & Management GmbH. The operator relies on the innovative strength of Scheidt & Bachmann and will intensify its cooperation in the near future.