First Ticketless Parking System in Ghent, Belgium

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    Parking Reep is the first car park in Ghent, Belgium to introduce a ticketless parking system. Customers no longer have to draw a ticket there. The new system from Scheidt & Bachmann replaces paper tickets. When entering the car park, the license plate is captured by HD cameras and the barrier opens automatically. Payment is also very convenient, as the driver only has to enter the number plate at the pay station and can pay as usual. The number plate is scanned again when the customer leaves the car park. The system detects whether a payment has been made and opens the barrier. In the upcoming years, the new system will also be installed in other car parks in Ghent. In addition, the operator now relies on easyCONTRACT, an innovative software as a service from evopark, with which he can easily manage his long-term parkers digitally.